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Marchi gains strength from mother's cancer battle ~ Justin Felisko

Guilherme Marchi has been especially animated during the last few BFTS events. He is currently 15th in the world standings and is making a late-season push, but he's also staying strong for his mother. Marchi's mother, Marcia, is currently back in Brazil battling another round of cancer. According to Guilherme, she is doing well and staying strong which means he will do the same.

Finals Watch: Luis Blanco fights back into Top 35 ~ Justin Felisko

Luis Blanco felt cold and alone last fall waiting in the operating room to repair his injured ankle. Blanco had quickly gone from riding high into the 2015 Built Ford Tough World Finals to breaking his ankle in Round 1. A little less than a year later, Blanco finished a career-best third place at the Rumble in the Rockies and is looking to once again qualify for World Finals.

Outlaw didn't let an injury keep his spirit down ~ Justin Felisko

Chase Outlaw will be making his return to competition this weekend at the Rumble in the Rockies. Outlaw, who had already missed significant time due to a shoulder injury, suffered another injury back in Nashville that forced him to miss more time. Now back and feeling healthy, Outlaw is ready to push forward.

Triplett returns to action in Canada ~ Justin Felisko

Matt Triplett returned to action last weekend in Winnipeg at the PBR Monster Energy Canada event. Triplett was competing for the first time after undergoing reconstructive left shoulder surgery in April. The 25-year-old still believes he can qualify for the 2016 Built Ford Tough World Finals on Nov. 2-6.

Pacheco maintains machine like precision as pressure grows ~ Justin Felisko

Kaique Pacheco did not revel in his Charlotte Invitational victory for very long. It's not a lack of spirit, though, that has kept him quiet. Pacheco, just knows that it's all a step to the ultimate goal of a World Championship. That laser-like focus has fueled his second half push as well as dissipate the growing pressure as the Built Ford Tough World Finals nears.

Freeman has been a constant source of trust and comfort for riders ~ Keith Ryan Cartwright

Dr. Tandy Freeman was not expecting to get an award this year. So when he was named this year's recipient of the Jim Shoulders Award he was caught slightly off guard. The long-time doctor for the PBR, Freeman has been there for many riders on their worst days, and he has become a source of trust and comfort for many of them. Freeman will join Owen Washburn, Bushwacker and LeAnn Hart as this year's Heroes & Legends Ceremony honorees in Las Vegas.

Pacheco is in the driver's seat, but must stay healthy ~ Justin Felisko

The case of Cooper Davis is proof that there are no promises in bull riding. Davis had just taken hold of the world standings lead when a broken clavicle put him on the shelf. Though he's still a major factor in the World Championship race, anything can happen. Kaique Pacheco enters Charlotte leading the pack and on a hot streak, but the second-year rider must be prepared for anything.

Netflix series "Fearless" was a learning experience for Vieira ~ Justin Felisko

Joao Ricardo Vieira has not been shy using his English this weekend in Springfield. The 32-year-old has said that since the release of the Netflix series "Fearless" he has seen it three times, twice in English and once in Portuguese. It has apparently helped his English skills immensely. He arrives in Charlotte this weekend No. 5 in the world standings and though he's currently in a slump, he feels good and confident about the second half.

Staying healthy has propelled Dirteater through a career year ~ Justin Felisko

Ryan Dirteater nearly had his career ended by an injury not long after first appearing on the BFTS. So it's no surprise Dirteater is grateful for any long stretch of health, and his 2016 season has been his healthiest yet. Dirteater is currently seventh in the world standings and in the middle of a career year. If he stays healthy, he maintains he has the best shot at a World Championship he's ever had.

Davis to undergo surgery; out three weeks ~ Justin Felisko

Cooper Davis expects to miss three weeks after electing to undergo surgery on Wednesday to repair a broken right clavicle. Though he originally sustained the injury in Tulsa, Oklahoma, two weeks ago, he noticed it became a problem after Round 1 in Springfield. Davis knows missing time is not ideal, but he feels the surgery gives him the best chance to return to competition quickly and continue his World Championship push.
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