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Lockwood: ‘I believe fully I can win a world title’ ~ Justin Felisko

Jess Lockwood may still be a teenager, but his rookie year has shown he can ride with the PBR's best. His second half performance has rocketed him into the Top 5 of the World Standings and has made a World Championship a real possibility. He would be the first rookie to win a title. For his part, Lockwood is sticking to his process and not thinking about how different things would be if he had arrived on tour sooner.

Mauney: ‘I’m wild and Western’ ~ Justin Felisko

J.B. Mauney admitted that he made a mistake not going with his gut and picking Air Time over Who Dey, who ended up breaking his rib in Charlotte. It taught the two-time World Champion a lesson, though, don't make the businessman pick. By following his gut, Mauney worked his way to his first event win of the season, tightening the World Championship race, and reminding everybody that nobody counts our J.B. Mauney.

Finals Watch: SweetPro's Bruiser makes a push ~ Justin Felisko

SweetPro's Bruiser has always been favored among riders for his good timing. Over the year's, though, Bruiser has become ranker by the day and his out in Nampa, Idaho, this past weekend has made him a true contender for the World Champion Bull title. Bruiser was the top-marked bull in Nampa and has past Pearl Harbor in the bull standings. But the true test will come in Las Vegas, where everything will be on the line over two outs.

Pozzobon blazes a unique path to the World Finals ~ Covy Moore

Ty Pozzobon currently leads the PBR Monster Energy Canada Tour. After winning in Abbotsford, British Columbia, while turning in the highest score of the season, he made his way to Idaho to make his BFTS debut. Pozzobon is currently 33rd in the world standings with the Built Ford Tough World Finals right around the corner.

Alves puts the past behind him ~ Justin Felisko

Silvano Alves knew that returning to Nampa, Idaho, would be a little strange. The Ford Idaho Center, the site of his career-altering hip injury, had some bad history for Alves. He quickly put those thoughts to bed, though, when he turned in a statement ride in Round 1.

Pacheco closing in on 50 rides ~ Justin Felisko

Kaique Pacheco is singularly focused on the World Finals and his shot at the 2016 PBR World Championship. But as he makes his march to Las Vegas he is also on the cusp of a 50 ride season, a benchmark for champion bull riders. Though he doesn't give it much thought, reaching the benchmark is one of the best signs that he'll finally achieve his World Championship dream.

Shephard will take any road to World Finals ~ Kristian Limas

Kurt Shephard has spent the season bouncing between the BFTS and BlueDEF Tour. Currently 40th in the world standings, Shephard knows that all he can do is work hard and eventually things will start to break his way. Whether it's the BlueDEF Tour of the BFTS, that work ethic is what drives the man.

Alves returns to winning ways thanks to support from friends ~ Kristian Limas

It had been more than a year since fans had least seen three-time PBR World Champion Silvano Alves celebrate a BFTS event win. Alves went 3-for-3 at the Wrangler Long Live Cowboys Classic, and looked every bit like the classic Alves. For his friends on tour is was especially sweet. The Brazilians are known to have each other's backs, so seeing Alves win again meant a party for everyone.

Finals Watch: Veteran Canadian Roy has Finals in his sights and his fellow rider's support ~ Kristian Limas

Aaron Roy is quietly one of the most accomplished riders on the BFTS. The Canadian has been a three-time PBR Canada Champion and a five-time recipient of the Glen Keeley Award. After a fifth place finish in Eugene, Oregon, his best since January, Roy is looking to hold stead on his march to Finals where anything can happen.

We Stand United: A Message From PBR CEO Sean Gleason ~ Sean Gleason

The past week, bullfighter Short Gorham led an initiative uniting PBR bull riders and bullfighters. They made a pledge to stand for the national anthem as a time reflect and unite. This is not turning a blind eye to social injustice; our athletes have simply chosen to stand united during the national anthem to honor those who have made sacrifices for our freedom.
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